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CREATIVO® is the ideal system for the creation of luxury and trendy seamless surfaces.

CREATIVO® is formulated with raw materials that have the lowest impact on the environment,maintaining high protection and resistance, in order to have an increased welfare. 

CREATIVO® is a true Made in Italy system, that combines high quality and design.

CREATIVO® is a practical and easy system in Urban Regeneration.

Multiple areas of application

CREATIVO® is suitable to be applied on walls, floors, booth indoor and outdoor, for residential, commercial or industrial use, bathrooms, shower rooms, bath tubs, counter tops, furniture, sinks, underfloor heating floorings, balconies and interior furnishing items.

High performance and high resistance

CREATIVO® is a high performance system that guarantees high adhesion to surfaces, resistance to flexion, compression, abrasion and scratches.

CREATIVO® is resistant to alkaline detergents, acids and the most common detergents used in residential and commercial cleaning.